Keystone Precision Machining, Inc.
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North Wales, PA 19454
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Keystone Often it's more than just the precise machining and quality control that produces your part to specification. You need special treatments and finishes for your parts and you don't want the excuse that your order is backlogged at one of our subcontractors.

We have satisfied customers because we have the right people for heat treating, plating, painting, anodizing, and passivating. They're our business partners and they want our business as much as we want yours. They support your requirements for certs and lot control reports so that your quality procedures have the proper level of compliance documentation. In short, they add real value, not just cost.

KeystoneTo learn more about our finishing "team", e-mail us by clicking on Contact Us. You can call us at 215-699-5553 or fax us at 215-699-6488. Our experiencing with finishing will make a difference in your parts.